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About James Eric

At 5 years old, James recalls his parents slipping the first pair of headphones on him to play Tchaikovsky and the Beatles. Since that moment, James Eric has been immersed in music. Studying classical guitar, theory and composition he embarked on a journey of uncovering what music meant to him. 


James Eric's career has taken him all the way through the Hollywood, film and television playground. After working all aspects of the entertainment industry he uncovered his niche, soundtrack scores. 


Inspired by composers from John Willaims to Penderecki you will find that his sound enriches anything it is put to. His compositions rely on a melodic and musically descriptive tonal narrative. James taylor fits all he composes to fir the imagery either stated or implied by the images presented to him. James Eric enjoys expanding his portfolio and repertoire by collaborating with other artists. His diverse, unique style of creating music and open minded approach works well in today’s industry.


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