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Next track please! "Survive"

Just in case you haven't seen it, this was our latest achievement! But.... let's not keep talking about OLD things...

Next track please!
James Eric sits outside at Griffith Park in Los Angeles Ca, all jean outfit, yellow font, latest single Survive, captured by Brenna Rhea side B to my single and ready to invade your summer soundtrack. After a challenging period, where humanity endured confinement and restrictions, there's a collective feeling of liberation and optimism. Through the power of music, my aim is to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit and ignite a renewed sense of hope. We are free again! Free to invade the beaches they closed nearly a year ago. And that's what "Survive" will be. A stroll on the beach under the warming sun with the wind of California in our lungs again!

Tomorrow marks the long awaited release day of "Survive." Make sure you're prepared to embrace the waves of positivity and the joyous spirit it brings. Preorder your copy now and get ready to blast it as we begin to plant the seeds that will spread the positive energy throughout your summer adventures.

And you can rest assured that there is another music video in the works as well. As we speak Brenna Rhea is in preproduction for "Survive" the music video. She will produce and direct and, if I know her, she will edit, shoot and cast it as well!

So Jazzed!

Join the movement, be part of the reawakening, and let the melodies of "Survive" by yours truly be your anthem for freedom and celebration. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready for an unforgettable journey thatI'm so grateful to be a part of.

This reawakening of the human spirit garnished with optimism and celebration! If there is one thing we can all take away from what we have just endured it is that humanity will not be caged or restrained. At least not for long.

Tomorrow, the first day of summer, is the day!

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