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Music Is Becoming...

What do you think music is becoming? Where is it going? What is the new trend or "thing"? Who is this generation's Elvis or Ozzy?

Music started with cavemen banging rocks together around a fire I'm sure. Primeval rhythms set to the backdrop of bellowing dinosaurs and screeching Pterodactyls. Everyone waiting for their turn to solo and impress the cave-chicks. Chanting and grunting something about love and being left for a cuter, richer Neanderthal. Music; the shout of joy, the cry of pain, the aphrodisiac, the angst, the desperate call into the night for love, truth and hope.

Then they invented instruments and leather pants soon after. sequin shirts and torn jeans!

Always primal,

always visceral,

always evolving!

Steven Tyler

Funny how leopard skins never quite left the music scene even after millions of years...


Through all our stages of development the music has followed and defined us. Reflected our traditions and beliefs. It has effected our behaviors and desires. "The times..."

So what are "our times"?

On the dying end of a pandemic and miserable limitations on our lives and spoiled by prosperity and privilege that's where! Some of the best music ever created came out of the greatest tragedies and oppression. Music born out of a desperate desire to celebrate and enjoy everything about our short lives while the world collapsed around us. But what about today? Are we celebrating? hibernating? festering? evolving? And into what?

It seems that you can find a different experimental hybrid of genres pasted into a single desperate song cast out into the digital ether expecting to take the world by storm as the next "big thing". The new musical discovery or trend that will become the Beatles of 2023.

I realize that every generation bemoans everything the incoming generations calls entertainment. I was no different when I was the freshman generation. Everything we called music was either satanic or saturated with sex according to my elders. But I have to say that everything todays young-uns listen to kind of bores me...

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. What do you listen to, besides me obviously... What music do your friends listen to? Your kids? What do they site as new popular trends and where do they hear them? Records? iTunes?


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