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Halloween in Hollywood Rock n' Roll - The Spirits Are Getting Restless on the Sunset Strip

There's something about Halloween in Hollywood. the creatures of the night rise and rattle their chains. They bang the skins with their bones and scrape the strings on their axes. Rock n' Roll! The dance is about to begin.

My last Viper performance was such an amazing night! So many talented people there, remember this??

The independent music scene in Los Angeles is more than just a collection of talented artists; it's a community that fosters creativity and collaboration. It provides a platform for musicians to explore their unique voices and challenge the norms of the industry. Moreover, it offers an authentic and grassroots alternative to the mainstream music landscape.

Tis the season once again! The stages of The Viper, The Whiskey and The Rainbow are already being booked for the ghouls and demons that are coming out of hiding. I've shared the night with some of the ghouliest!

Mark Finney bass player extraordinaire from the heart of Hollywood has left countless traces of his DNA on the stages of the strip.

Greg Konder, guitar player and costar of the "Chase the Sun" video we finished this summer. His ghostly, soulful howls can be heard echoing the bowels of places traditional ghosts avoid.

Brenna Rhea, Singer, songwriter and stage stealer. When we share a stage the audience doesn't even know I'm there. Currently writing, recording and rehearsing for the spooky season's lineup of fresh material and performances.

Tommy Black, on the harp or the mic he turns the stage into a seance. Whether he's burying the grove or digging up a corpse you'll be lucky to share his space... and survive!

There are so many others; West Bound, James Booth and the Return, Hunter Gibson, Andrew Bartleson, and too many more!

The Chill is in The Air!

Los Angeles has always been a city of dreamers, and for musicians, it's no different. With a rich history that includes iconic artists like The Doors, N.W.A. and Kendrick Lamar, the city has been a breeding ground for musical pioneers. But what's even more exciting is the flourishing independent music scene that has emerged in recent years.

So, what are you waiting for? Step outside, support your local musicians, and let's give the mainstream music scene a run for its money. Say goodbye to "same old, same old" and hello to "bold, new, and independent." Let's make LA's live music the talk of the town!

Ready to dive into the LA indie music scene? Search "Los Angeles music near me" and get ready to unleash your inner music explorer. Join us as we celebrate the diversity, the edge, and the sheer awesomeness of our city's independent artists. Let's turn up the volume, break the mold, and create musical magic together!

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