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"Aaaaaaaand cut!"

Just finished what may be the last shoot day for the "Chase the Sun" music video. Axe man Greg Konder and I took the stage at a studio in the San Fernando Valley this week and ran through the track over 20 times. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable! Brenna Rhea and our DP killed it, the talent in that room was abundant. Truly blessed, I am!

The forward motion has kicked into 4th gear and we are in the final stages of editorial.

It occurred to me listening to some contemporary popular music that there is a distinct lack of that Je ne sais quoi of times gone by. That's not to say that I am belittling the standards and practices of modern music. Recognizing that it has always befallen the senior generations to belittle and decry the younger generations for their musical tastes.

I hate to say "But in my day...", but in my day the older folks got down on my music for being satanic and praising drug use. I hear what a lot of younger people are listening to and find myself bored to tears.

In those days we were also living under a daily threat of nuclear holocaust that was caused by that same older crowd that belittled our music.

So we found a reason to celebrate!

I see James Hetfield, Peter Gabriel and many others that performed when I was younger and see now why they are still selling out huge venues.

People around me have been saying it to me for a while now and I just didn't believe them.

Today's music industry needs an infusion of what we used to call Rock and Roll.

"Chase The Sun" is a step in that direction. A song that isn't laced with social woes and relationship turmoil. It's simply about rising with the sun and following it across the sky all day until it disappears once again into the horizon.

There are going to be many other songs in this project that will be influenced by others that were there and those who wish they had been. Music that doesn't tread lightly and isn't afraid to celebrate the soul. Music that in this tumultuous and unpredictable time will stretch our hearts and imaginations. Just as it did back when we thought we were going to be nuked by Russia at any moment.

There may be tough times ahead. That's when we have always found a reason to dance and celebrate what we might lose at any moment. That's chasing a sun that will surely fall but always rise again.Here it comes!

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Jan 31, 2023

Great read! I agree. I would add It seems through the changes todays music has become more mechanical than soulful. This may work for some however losing heart in music is like losing meaning as well as interpretation. Art connects with people and music has always done this with me. Knowing how much of a kind soulful person you are I am only excited for your new art.

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