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I'm about to do it...

The boundaries and conventions of music as an industry shift and reshape the way we hear everything we love. I remember the days of A&R reps, publishing and distribution rights. Gone are the days of payola scandals, mailing lists and cassette demos. The industry sobered up and

registered online.

So what now? When getting your music to the ears of the world is so much easier. The byproduct of that ease is that now millions more can do it. Millions of posts, digital pics and websites with links to YouTube channels and Soundcloud pages.

The one thing that hasn't changed is that you have to stand out from the crowd. Only now the crowd is so much bigger. Bigger and less patient. Less time to listen to the whole album while staring at the cover and reading the lyrics printed on the sleeve.

But I'm about to do it.

I've been working on my social media and recording new tracks on my computer in preparation for the unveiling. This is the new day with new means of creating something that remains the same, the more things change. "Chase the Sun" is first. I will follow with several other tracks that seem to have struck a chord... ;)

We shot footage on the beach and in a store and in a studio on a new camera format with the concepts of a talented visionary, Brenna Rhea. With the help of the fabulous Greg Konder, on guitar.

Now I've done it, and I'm about to do it. Again. Please stay tuned.

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