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Night of the Long Lens!

I'm younger than the stones and older than a bunch of dudes on Spotify that are trying to emulate what we did naturally in the 80's. I had always been a "mostly straight ahead Rock n' Roll guy" myself, however, Weened on Van Halen and Journey et al. I set to writing songs in a similar vein. "Longshot" was what I considered my magnum opus... JUST LOOK AT MY HAIR

It was a crowd pleaser at our shows and with some success on cable music video channels. I felt and considered myself to look the part! However, according to major outlets and some east coast music companies it just wasn't "today".

"Well just what is today?" I asked.
"Well we don't know..." was the answer.

So I wrote another in the more "accessible" Rock n' Roll vein where we uncover my song: "Desiree"

Looking the genre, rocking the game, and the forces of entertainment at the time of its release deemed that it was a potential hit it just wasn't "now".

Well... "what is now?" I asked.
"Well... we're not sure." they said.

So, here I am, some years later and the "Now" of our entertainment industry is more ambiguous than ever. This generation has no "Elvis" or "The Beatles". The lines of definition between music genres are not even clear anymore.

Controversy seems to have surpassed creativity as the driving force behind what the industry sees as the "Now".

Enter Brenna Rhea and Greg Konder , two people I made listen to my music and…. here comes a very familiar idea, something that tickles me from the past, retold to me in the NOW, a cool video with, trendy visuals, hip people and unprecedented camera tech. If I had to script it, it would look like this:


“I fucking love this song. Jimmy, I have an idea… I see you on a beach with your guitar”


"Naw, get someone that looks the part"


(Ignoring me)

"Ok Jimmy. And then we'll get another shot of you as the sun goes down and its perfect golden hour….”


(not realizing the future was already set in motion)

“B, seriously. It can’t be me, you have to get somebody younger!"


(talking over me)

"Have you seen who's touring these days? Metallica, Peter Gabriel, The Cure? You just went and saw Journey! Stop trying to get out of this

Bugger... I had no excuse. My nemesis now was clear, that long lens and me on the other end. It’s been so many years and I don’t necessarily look or feel the part I used to.

But that’s where the B reminds me, that it’s all in my head…

How to accept change and growth? To put oneself out there is a truly vulnerable experience. I admire those that stand before people in their truth, and here I had to find mine.

I had to accept that I was vulnerable, that I had changed, and then I had to own it.

Blessed to find myself in front of the camera, being directed by the B, I will fear no evil.

So here's to rocking through the ages and not giving a hoot about the lens, it's about the music anyways.

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1 Comment

Feb 11, 2023

We got this Jimmy!

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