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She did this!

I've been in the film, music and television business for approximately 25 years. I've boomed and done music work for the likes of James Cameron, Cameron Crowe and Quentin Tarantino. I've seen personally the visions these creative minds were formulating and watched them come to life on the set. And then I watched her... Brenna Rhea.

From Conceiving and Creating a completely original art display for a coffee shop... designing a digital billboard display for Times Square on new years eve.

Now she's designing, building and shooting a stop motion scene with an ant. Real stop motion, in the original Harryhausen technique!

There's no artistic project she won't take on if it piques her interest.

So call me the next ant!

After hearing one of my songs she thought on it for a minute, asked me thousands of questions of what I saw, and then developed a concept for a music video and is now editing it after directing and shooting it herself.

I wasn't very keen to be a part of it but there's another element to this Director, writer, producer, art director, musician, singer, actor... OK, I'll cut the list short. She's also a specialist in propelling someone to places that they never intended to tread.

"Chase the Sun" has been reignited by her efforts and inspired by a new camera technology. The guitar calluses on my fingers are hard again! I'm posting on all the appropriate sites and writing blogs, like this one. Hence the propulsion, the gravity, the tractor beam which pulls one into her vision to its unavoidable conclusion. There's no escaping at this point and I'm determined to see this through and giver the best of all that I am to making it the best it can be.

I've watched the greats, worked under them, been proud and disappointed in the results. Keep an eye on the B. She is going to punch a big hole in the sky and make a big mark on the world.

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