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Summer's Soundtrack!

There are so many movies, can you imagine them without music? Just found my soundtrack for 2023 and it looks a little something like this...

That's the crowd at the Viper Room watching a music video while we performed it on stage. The polished music and images of the video with the gritty realism of us right before you at the same time. We performed 5 songs before showing the video for "Chase the Sun" so they saw we were real first.

People Loved It!

The set list!

"Better Girl" Vocals: Greg Konder

"Pariah" Vocals James Eric

"Do to Me" Vocals Greg Konder

"Runnin' Around" Vocals Brenna Rhea/James Eric

"Me, Myself and I" Vocals Brenna Rhea

But "Chase the Sun" was the obvious highlight. Just as we had expected the sounds and images of the video made it jump off the screen. One studio owner told me that he couldn't wait to go to the beach after seeing it!

That's what we wanted! "Chase the Sun" will

be the soundtrack song of this summer. We escaped and survived the ravages of the viral surge. We outlasted the mandated limitations of those who know what was best for us. Now it's time to hit the beach again. Get sand in our toes. Warm ourselves by the night time beach fire.

Here's the link to the video release! Debuting worldwide on YouTube Friday the 21st @2:20 pm!


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