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The day of the shoot...

The director, Brenna Rhea, had been scouting for a beach location with fire pits for weeks ahead of time. She had been there since early morning to ensure we had the exact fire pit she wanted! They set up a tent with food and camera equipment and awaited the cast and crew for the day!

The cast began to arrive, B had cast varied and unique individuals for the video. They looked great and shot several scenes as I made my way to the location. What we hadn't anticipated was the popularity of that particular beach. The parking lot began to overflow as the day went on and the authorities shut down the beach! Literally closed it down. There was a 1 mile long line of cars waiting to get in and there I was near the 3/4 mile mark. Meanwhile the Ice I had purchased for the crew and cast was melting in the back of the car and I had to dump it out after about an hour and a half in the line...

I couldn't get in to my own video shoot!

Breanna took it to the man! She marched right up to the cops and park rangers and pointed out that there were plenty of parking spots and lots of room for more visitors. She insisted that the park be opened immediately, if not sooner.

Within an hour I was in the parking lot.

And the shoot was on! Brenna's entire vision for the video was based around a new type of 360 degree camera format. Still relatively new it has been mostly used by the outdoor sporting crowd. What you might call the adrenaline junkie/sky dive and BASE jump types. Brenna saw it as a great way to capture the vibe of "Chase the Sun" with it's sunny skies and California coastline feeling.

And so she did!

For the next few hours we shot right on the sand with the waters soaking my feet.Greg Konder and I marched right out into the surf and jammed away doing our best to hear ourselves over the crashing waves. We even tried to use a little blue tooth speaker attached to my guitar strap with the song playing to keep us in time.

Still couldn't hear it over the crashing waves... So we did our best. With Brenna's direction and Jordan's splendid camera work we managed to make it!

So now it's yours!

What we hope will become the soundtrack for this coming summer took a tremendous amount of commitment, vision and dedication to assemble. After Brenna's editorial and a few follow up shoot days plus a phenomenal premier at the Viper Room we managed to create what will go live today! Thank you, or as B would say..."Your welcome..."

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