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The first of many firsts.

The night, the dream, the moment and the future. Every time is like the first time. You never really get used to it or handle it the way you're expected to. We're on our way to premier my music video at the Viper Room of "Chase the Sun"! The groundbreaking video written and directed by Brenna Rhea. Starring Myself (after much persuasion) and Greg Konder.

This is my first time back on stage after a few years off. Between the inevitable space between music projects and the unanticipated pandemic that kept us all away from any collective musical experience. From the last time I sang and played until this moment of excitement and anticipation. This magic place behind the stage curtain peeking out at the crowd before the announcer calls your name and it's too late to turn back. Once you commit you can't let go, you are in a death grip with your dream.

Fear, anticipation, fervor, future and fantasy thy name is Viper and we will be there on stage for the premier!

I can't wait!

You can't imagine it, the anticipation of the moment. The fear of the response. Look natural and be yourself but remember the chords and lyrics! Play them all as rehearsed but look spontaneous! Smile and gasp for air! Listen for the kick drum and nail the guitar solo! Make sure you have enough air in your lungs at the precise moment to hit that high note!

Plan for magic but, the real moments of unexpected bliss have a mind of their own. They happen when they want to. But when they do...

When someone in the crowd is mouthing your lyrics as you sing them.

Like a toddler looking out into a sea of parents looking for their pair at the school play. Do any of us ever overcome the desperate desire for the approval of those we love. All of you! You're like those smiling parents holding up their cameras and beaming with approval. That's the magic.

Follow this link to RSVP and get updates for when the pre-sale ticket link gets released:

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