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The Rope!

"Feud", the Ryan Murphy series produced circa 2017 starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange had me in their sound department for a bit.

*I was sound on this scene that the gif plays homage to, yes, yes I know, but keep reading*

A fascinating account of the making of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" The 1962 production that starred Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. A wonderful show and a brilliant cast. Both shows, I mean. The mysticism and tradition of the 1960's always touches me on a visceral level since I lived through some of it.

Now, admittedly, II never actually saw the show but thought I would have enjoyed being involved on more of a creative level given the authenticity of its production design. But how?

The music!

When the show was cut and finished for broadcast the producers seemed to have approached the opening credits of the show in an enthusiastic and visual fashion. Musically, however, it was only somewhat exciting. Somewhat mundane to tell the truth...

I was disappointed. And presumptuous? admittedly so! I assumed I could have offered them something better. Something more lively and memorable. My taste runs more towards the dynamic rather than the sufficient. I wrote and recorded my own music for their opening credits...

Of course none of the producers or Ryan Murphy ever saw this because by the time I finished the show had wrapped and I had long since departed. But! It doesn't mean I can't still post it now.

For most of the noted artists in history there were several unrecognized works posted in obscured gallery corners that never saw a velvet rope. Maybe the future of my compositions is that corner, maybe it's the rope.

I'm voting for the rope!

I already know which music for which scene I want to ad my touch to by rewriting it. Coming soon!

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