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The Sun is Out!

So much anticipation! So much preparation! So much of the love, it is amazing! I am blown away!

The Sun Is out.... Here's the scene; I'm inside my car after a 2 hour drive to Orange County. 1:57 pm on the car clock as I searched desperately for a place to pull over. Finally I landed in the Marriott Hotel parking With trembling hands I punched in the YouTube link to the video premier and cranked the car stereo.

Tick tock tick tock... 1:58 pm; the pre-music played on YouTube signaling the final seconds of the countdown. I had been here before...

The first time I heard myself on the radio. KLOS 95.5 FM radio. Sunday night, "Mason Dixon Line", one of my songs from the 90's, was due to play in minutes on the "Local Licks" music show. They told me it would play before 10 o'clock PM. I waited, and waited...

Suddenly my music rang out!

I stood alone in my kitchen hearing myself on the radio. One of the most magical moments of my life. I remember looking around my empty kitchen for someone to share the moment with. Nobody... So I toasted the moment alone with a Luke warm beer that had been sitting on the counter and went to bed.

There I was years later at a major name record store in Universal Citywalk. My new CD was not only for sale but at a listening station. FEATURED! I listened to it, got pictures of it... then lost them. But what a night. I got to see my music in a major music store in a world famous tourist spot!

Then my second music video, "Desiree". Then the first time my music was on the internet. Then the first time my videos were on Youtube! and on and on!

Suddenly my music rang out again!

Flash forward to 2023, another milestone! The music video written and directed by Brenna Rhea for "Chase the Sun" began. There I was watching it in the front seat of the car on my phone and listening on my car stereo. Huh!?

What firsts are next I wonder? What milestones? What goals to be attained, dreams to be realized? Please stick around and see, I promise they won't be dull!

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