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"The Sun" is out today!

James Eric's track "Chase the Sun", has been officially released on multiple music platforms! History will show that February 15, 2023 was the date that we officially hit the airwaves. Between Brenna Rhea, Greg Konder and James Eric this trail was love and labor all the way.

I remember the time I first heard myself on the radio. I'd rather not mention the year but the fact that there was radio back then should give a subtle hint as to how far back it was. It was on a local music show on the FM dial.

The DJ mispronounced my name.

I waited for hours in my kitchen by myself until suddenly the sounds of my own voice made me jump out of my skin.

I'm pretty sure the neighbors thought I was being murdered...

It used to be that when an album or song went "Gold" it was considered a hit. Now when it goes "Viral" it's considered a hit.

Copy and paste my link to a group email with all your contacts, Post it to Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. Independent artists, all dreamers alike, rely on these clicks that link our dreams to your eyes and ears.

This is another in a series of great life moments for me.

It used to be that you wanted "requests", now you want "hits".

It used to be that so many things were different that I'm drifting in the breakwater with the way this industry works now. My feet can't touch the sand and I'm absolutely enchanted!

There is so much more music on the way. This opens the door to the start of everything. I'm so excited that it is now so easy to share with everyone. This isn't gonna stop until I do!

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