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What we're chasing...

"Chase the Sun" means more than waking beneath the sunrise and following it until it sets. The path the sun takes over our heads is what marks the opportunity of what our lives afford us. Each day the sun grants us everything we need but also shows us the shadows we leave behind. Our opportunities to make permanent marks on the planet that will be here long after we are no longer here to marvel at it.

It's a star and a source. It rises and falls marking the days of our existence. Its absence is the night and its arrival is the dawn. Without night we would never see the stars and without light we could never appreciate the wonders that surround. The moments of its breaking and falling are the most beautiful skies we will ever see. Its metaphors parallel our own existences in our poetry, prophecy and philosophy.

The sun has been there for billions of years. Burning at its core with what we can't even begin to understand. Every battery and candle only have so much fuel. their source has to be exhausted at some point. But the sun, what could possibly burn at its center for billions of years and continue to warm us millions of miles away with consistency and dependability. To hold it's place as our universal center?

I believe that's the same inexhaustible energy that has made people dream since we drew what we saw on cave walls. This is the energy I now bring forth, the energy to continue to chase the inexhaustible inside myself and for myself, selfishly and unselfishly I am ready to give what I have.

Time passes with the suns path across the sky. We measure our lives by it. I mark my life by every 365 times I've seen it above me. I will not say how many... But with all of those dreams and all of those years of dreaming who's to say when the time is right. How many times before the sun gives up on us and therefore when we give up on our dreams. Every day affords us a new opportunity to make a dream live.

The sun has traced the sky many times since I wrote "Chase the Sun". I've been chasing that dream since that day and watching in wait. Now the light of the sun is shining on it's song and it's video for the first real time because so many dreams are being reignited now that we are no longer afraid to go outside and look at it. It is time for a renaissance and a reigniting of the human spirit and its unquenchable desire to chase its dreams.

This is the time (once again).

This is your time.

This is my time.

This is our time.

The sun is a dream and we chase it when and how we decide.

No matter how many times the sun has passed us over.

If you have a dream now is the time to pursue it.

Chase the sun!

Mark Your Calendars, 4/14, The Viper Room in LA will be filled with my music and newest music video.

more to come,

listen to the track here:

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Mar 08, 2023


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